Impact of Hardware, Software and Communications Technologies on Businesses

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New developments and Impact on businesses

This task is focused around talking about the new developments in technology, what they are, how they have impacted businesses and where they could lead. I have broken the technologies into three different sub-categories: •Hardware



Solid State Drives

Solid state drives are a bit of an oddity in modern technology. They have existed for several years in their current form (Early 1970’s), yet have only within the past 5 years risen up as an alternative to traditional hard drives. They are called SSDs because of their use of semiconductors (similar to transistor radios), this is different to conventional technology in the same field which mainly utilise a mix of semiconductors and chips. To a degree this technology already exists in modern computing on a wide scale, flash memory drives (USB mainly) use similar non-volatile memory chips; these retain information without any form of power. There are a couple of distinct differences, mainly the capacity of the drives and the intended placement. SSD’s are designed to operate within the system as opposed to externally. How does this differentiate from traditional hard drives?

Traditional hard drives utilise magnetic plates which are span by motors, they need a large amount of space, emit a lot of heat and drive heads are known to be very fragile.

SSD’s offer advantages or improves upon the technology in nearly every way. As I have said before they have not need for motors so there is significantly lower power consumption. Because all memory is handled by flash memory chips it also means that the data is accessed faster and generally with fewer faults. Simpler tech means less to go wrong. This faster, cheaper and more efficient method of storing data has led to the development of Hybrid Data Drives, these are a combination of HDD and SSD. Essentially the main bulk is made up of the HDD but a certain amount is dedicated SSD memory. These Hybrid drives due to using a combination of both technologies are smaller and more efficient. Whilst not serving much of a purpose or advantage for laptops or individual computers, businesses who operate with large servers, masses of data storage and linked networks find much benefit with this. When a system using Hybrid drives is first booted up or recovers from a suspend mode, the operating system files and programs in memory can be quickly accessed from the flash memory before the drive has spun up. This will greatly reduce the boot times of systems and means that more data could be salvaged in a worst case scenario or if the system goes down.

Touch Screen

Touch Screen technology has exploded in recent years. Since the early Sci-Fi books/comics started writing about the use of computers and weird machines with only our hands it has always seemed futuristic but still plausible. In 1973 CERN developed the first ever touch screen which used capacitive technology. Since then there has been break through after break through but it never really took off as a consumer product. Even in 2002 when Bill Gates introduced the world’s first fully functional tablet computer that was touch screen only. Touch Screen as we utilise it and know it now on products like the iPad, Samsung Galaxy and Electronic Whiteboard is called Resistive Technology. What this is a screen composed of two flexible sheets coated in resistive material, this is then separated by an air gap or Microdots. This is used to commonly due to the high resolution (typically around 4096 x 4096 DPI or higher), this is due to the way pressure is measured. It often leads to the most accurate responses to touch.

Touch Screen is not just an interface it has different components which together make the whole system function as one:

The touch sensor is a panel with a touch responsive surface. Systems are built based on different types of sensors: resistive (most common which I have...
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