Impact of Chaning Technology on Everyday Life in Post

Topics: World War II, United Kingdom, Television Pages: 1 (333 words) Published: February 18, 2011
The home appliances and Entertainments changes the everyday life in post – war Australia is by, that home appliances make life easier to live with and they were built for nearly every domestic function. Some of the invention that were made before world war II were electric irons (1882), household refrigerators (1913), pop up toasters(1926) agitator washing machine(1927) and Teflon(1930). But at first they were expensive and only the upper and middle class could afford, but overtime it’s become affordable. Also in courage people learn and amazed themselves how they would cook new type of dishes and help themselves to relax after working. Entertainment at first was to go out to like bar or listening to the radio or for the teenagers once every week they would go to the cinema, which has two feature screening matinee and evening. But most choose to listen to radio as a whopping 97% of Australian would have a radio in their household in 1955. In Radio are like television back in the old days as you could listen to anything on the radio (drama, sport, news etc). But in 1956 there was introduction of TV, at the first they were black and white which it made people now can actually see what was going on and experiencing in visual from watching the first thing that was broadcast from the Television was the Olympic Games. Later in 1975 color television were introduced so that now people could see the amazing colors that being broadcasting but there was a catch, which a 24hour license fee. When the video and DVD are starting to appear, Video and DVD stores were also appear in 1996 which allow people to buy or rent movies that were seen at the cinema as well as in that same year Pay TV were introduced so that people could watch wider world of television . So there were a lot of home appliances and entrainment factor that revolutionize the Australian living stranded .
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