Impact Fo Computer to Man

Topics: Maressa Orzack, Addiction, World Wide Web Pages: 2 (493 words) Published: December 24, 2010
The increase in computer usage can play an important role in people's lives. Computers have done a lot to improve our lives, but they also have negative impacts. At times the immense amount of resources and entertainment can lead to a person's dependency on the computer. Here are some interesting websites and articles that discuss some of the pros and cons of computer usage, specifically the world wide web.

Advisory Committee Congressional Internet Caucus. (2002). Advisory Committee Congressional Internet Caucus (23 April 2002). This site is composed of a diverse group of public interest, non-profit groups and other organizations that are working to educate and inform Congress as well as the public about important Internet related policy issues. This site was helpful because it had links to different sites that dealt with the impact the internet has on people. It had articles of recent internet issues that can greatly affect society as well as surveys and research articles people have conducted in this field of study.

A Nation Online. "How Americans are Expanding their use of the Internet." (4 February 2002). How Americans are Expanding their use of the Internet (23 April 2002). This article discusses how Americans are expanding their use of the Internet. The article is particularly interesting because it is based on the September 2001, U.S. Census Bureau's current population survey. The results from the survey, demonstrate the rapidly growing use of new information technologies across all demographic groups and geographic regions.

Greenfield, Dr. David N. "Virtual Addiction and the Center for Internet Studies." (2001). Virtual Addiction and the Center for Internet Studies (23 April 2002). This website is put up by the Center for Internet Studies. It provides "services, information, and resources on e-behavior and internet addiction in the workplace, families and in the community." This is an informative site that gives a lot of information on internet...
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