Immigration: U.S History Study Guide

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Study Guide: US History Unit 4
Immigration Unit
Chapter 15
* Be familiar with the terms Push Factor and Pull Factor and be able to identify the key push and pull factors that led immigrants to America during the 1800s Push Factor: Over population, famine, religious persecution

Pull Factor: Get rich, political freedom, land
* Explain the difference between the European and Asian Immigrant experience European: Most of European arrived in NY, and rarely detained for more than a few hours. Asian: Most of Asian arrived in Angel Island, and many of them held in detention for many weeks. * Explain the concepts of nativism and how it affected laws on immigration. (Chinese Exclusion Act, Gentleman’s Agreement, Quota system) Nativism: The policy of favoring the interest of Native-born Americans over immigrants’. By passing exclusion laws, and using racism issues to reduce the amount of immigrations.

Modern Day Immigration
I. The three main methods of legal immigration into the US Family-based immigration, Employment-based immigration, Humanitarian-based immigration. II. The process of getting permanent residency (Green Card) and Citizenship Family-based immigration: Wait green card in your home country, and stay in U.S for five years for citizenship. Employment-based immigration: After working in American for five years, the owner of the company apply green card for you, wait five more years for citizenship. Humanitarian-based immigration: Go to America embassy to ask for silent to get green card, stay in America for five more years to get citizenship. III. Current problems facing border security

Hard to defend, cost a lot of money
IV. Current problems around the issue of illegal immigration Reduce job opportunity, rising costs, crime

The Progressive Era
Chapter 13
* Explain how corporations work
People invest in corporations by buying stock, and become owners of the company. The money they paid for their stocks...
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