Immigration and Emigration Controversy in the United States

Topics: Immigration to the United States, Immigration, Illegal immigration Pages: 4 (1217 words) Published: October 28, 2013

Immigration and Emigration Controversy in the United States

Immigration is a topic that has caused mixed emotions around the country for centuries. Since the 1920s immigrants have taken the United States by storm and have contributed significantly to the development of this country. As the number of illegal immigrants rises so does the legislation making it harder for immigrants to enter the country and stay once they arrive. The situation of children who were born in the United States to immigrant parents or those who have come here as children has been gaining nationwide recognition. As those individuals fight to remain in this country to attend public universities and work, they have been met with opposition from government. Not only does this issue affect immigrants but it brings up another problem between state and federal government guidelines about the power each holds and when and where federal governments should intervene with lawmakers.

As history has shown, one particular problem can have a rippling effect on other branches on government, society, and even business. Many illegal immigrants provide inexpensive labor to companies who would probably consider outsourcing to different parts of the world if this service was not available to them. Many companies have the potential to possibly miss out on the future innovators or leaders if the children fighting to stay in the only country some of them have ever known are forced to leave. This issue of immigration into the United States has been fought by both Republican and Democratic parties and has played an important role in the 2012 Presidential Election. Societal Impacts

The Dream Act is a bipartisan legislation that attempts to give illegal immigrant students a chance at college education and or a chance to serve in the military. I have witnessed this Act affect someone that I attended high school with. He was one of the smartest students in my...

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