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Topics: Mobile phone, Philippines, Globe Telecom Pages: 12 (3061 words) Published: March 7, 2013
University of San Carlos
School of Business and Economics
Department of Business Administration

2014 Campaign Period

Mr. Cergen Go

KIRMM Agency
Cabatingan, Karin S.
Dela Cruz, Mary Adrean C.
Rubia, Risienne F.
Vender, Ian Paul L.
Tacandong, Moses Grae A.

Date of Submission
January 29, 2013

Executive Summary ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 Review of the Marketing Plan ---------------------------------------------------------------- 4 Situational Analysis

Industry/Company Review ----------------------------------------------------------- 4 Product Review/Buyer Analysis ------------------------------------------------------ 7 Competitive Review ------------------------------------------------------------------- 7 Review of Existing/Past Programs --------------------------------------------------- 10 SWOT Analysis ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 10 Statement of the Problem ------------------------------------------------------------------- 11 Objectives ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 11 Overall Strategy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 13 Details of the Plan --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 14 IMC Campaign Flowchart ------------------------------------------------------------------- 15 Metrics and Measures ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 16 Conclusion ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 17 Budget Summary ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 17 Appendices ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 18 References ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 19


Campaign Title:
Option 1: The Better Sun Cellular
Option 2: Borderless and Limitless SUN
Major target audiences:
SunCellular’s major target markets are individual entities and groups (teenagers, young professionals, and families). Individuals who want worth of their money, affordability, and efficient ways of staying connected 24/7 and keeping communication with their loved ones. The market size of the telecommunication industry is about 87 million. Sun Cellular captures about 17 million of the prepaid subscriber market. Time Period of the Plan:

The campaign plan will be effective for approximately a year distributed evenly for four quarters of 2014. Campaign Objectives:
Double the 17 million target audience of Sun Cellular.
Increase the market share of Sun Cellular in the telecommunications industry. Meet the peak load demands of Sun Cellular subscribers without bottlenecks. Campaign Theme/Slogan:
Better cellular network with better deals
The purpose of this study is to evaluate and analyze Sun Cellular’s prevailing system and identify marketing schemes that can be beneficial to Sun Cellular. Sun Cellular’s current system together with its industry analysis, competitive review, strong points and weak points, and the company’s position in the market will be of assistance in order to achieve the purpose of this study.

Industry/Company Review
Sun Cellular is a mobile telecommunication service provider in the Philippines. The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Digital Telecommunications Philippines, or Digital. The company began its operations in 2003. It is the fastest growing mobile network in the Philippines. Sun Cellular, having technologies and infrastructure of almost 6-8 years of that of Globe Telecom is a great leap for telecommunications. But coming late into the market may be a little tough for Sun, a whole lot of money must be given for advertising and system...

References: Brief History
March, 2003
Sun Cellular began operations in major cities of the Philippines
October, 2004
March, 2005
Sun Cellular began to offer call and text unlimited for 350php a month and 100php a week
February, 2006
Sun introduced a free voice calls included in texts unlimited cards for 4 hours and 1 hour respectively
March, 2006
Sun increased the price of their texts unlimited cards to 450 and 150 respectively
September, 2006
Sun introduced the 100php call and text unlimited for 5 days
February, 2007
Sun introduced 25Php 1 day call and text unlimited
Smart is a wholly owned mobile phone and Internet service subsidiary of the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT). On June 30, 2010 the company reported that it has over 45 million cellular subscribers.
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