Imax Corporation

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IMAX Corporation
IMAX Corporation
IMAX Corporation is one of the most advanced companies in the world that manufactures, distributes and exhibits digital movie theater systems around the world. It specializes on developing high definition film cameras, large theater screens and high resolution projectors. The 3D image technologies along with surround sound system are designed to bring a new experience to the spectators, making them feel they are part of the show. The innovations and high quality standards allow the company to sell and loan its products almost everywhere in the world. For example, the demand for technologies in China attracted more than 40 percent of IMAX total sales in 2013. Besides delivering movie theater systems, the corporation invests in building movie theaters designed to enhance IMAX technology experience worldwide. Today, there are IMAX theaters in many European, Asian, and Latin American countries. The movie theater in Mexico City is a picturesque example of IMAX philosophy of design and technology. Founded in 1960s, IMAX has gone a long way from a company that focused on creating cameras for scientific and documentary films to a corporation that brings new cutting edge technologies in motion picture industry. In 2011, the leadership of the company decided to enlarge its market by acquiring the patent for high definition digital films from Kodak. The new strategy of investing in movie making industry allowed IMAX to grow its revenues by over 30% since 2011. By 2015, the corporation is planning to be first in implementing the new laser image technology. However, the new tendencies as well as other development projects are influenced by the market structure. To understand the strategic development and growth, one must examine the market structure in which IMAX evolves. The glance at market structure would also help understand how the company achieves or plans to achieve maximization of its profits as well as strategic steps...
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