Imagery In Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita

Topics: Love, Fiction, Emotion, Marriage, Literature, Sexual intercourse / Pages: 3 (680 words) / Published: Oct 19th, 2015
Imagery is used in many forms of writing. From poems, to novels or even in magazine articles, it helps produce an image to help the reader truly visualize the words being spoken. It brings the text alive, giving it a great meaning and serving a greater purpose. Through imagery, secrets within the text can be revealed, furthering the analyzation of the text itself. In Vladimir Nabokov's book Lolita, the use of imagery definitely plays a large part in the development of the characters and how the reader will initially view them. Throughout the novel, the main character Humbert Humbert expresses the love and affection he has for young girls, or “nymphets” as he often addresses them as. The very word nymphet is defined as an attractive and sexually …show more content…
In Lolita, Humbert is no different than the onlookers gaze at the butterflies beauty, only the butterflies he sees take the form of young girls. He finds their grace and innocence to be captivating, grabbing every ounce of his attention. He watches them every chance he gets, almost as if he is studying them, trying to learn all about them just with his perception. This is very similar to how lepidopterists study butterflies, watching them from afar to attempt to know everything about them, and eventually capture them, pinning them to walls as trophies. However in this process, the butterfly is displayed with grace, their brightly colored wings shown off for everyone to see. In this way they are honored for what they are, for what beauty they are so willing to share. Humbert performs the same actions, sulking and watching, becomes one with the shadows and goes unnoticed. The only difference is, his purpose for watching is far from scientific. He sees the same beauty and grace lepidopterist see in butterflies, but only in young girls. So, he watches them, lusts after the thoughts of having a sexual relationship with them. When he finally is able to capture one by the name of Lolita, she is pinned down, and put on display, for him and only him, to

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