Analysis Of Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita

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Vladimir Nabokov, the author of Lolita, was born in Saint Petersburg, RussianFederation on April 22, 1899 and died on July 2, 1977. Vladimir was a Russian-Americannovelist, he wrote his first nine novels in Russian, then later transferred to English writings.When Vladimir wasn't writing he would catch butterflies, he didn't drive either so his wife, Vera,would chuffer him aroundLolita is a book written by Vladimir Nabokov's. It showcases a story about Humbert, aEuropean, who had a rough life due to the death of his mother. When he was 9, he met a girlnamed Annabel Leigh who he falls deeply in love with. But later dies of a disease called typhus.Her death was the cause for Humbert’s new mentality. Humbert is now obsessed with young girlbetween …show more content…
For the next year, Lolita and Humbert travel to different countries and stay indifferent hotels. Lolita is his prisoner. After a while the finally stayed put in a town calledBeardsley, where Lolita starts to attend school. Lolita meets Clare Quilty, the author of theschool play. Humbert and Lolita get into an argument, which causes Lolita to request to leave.This turns out to be the beginning of the end for Humbert’s love affair. Lolita’s secretly explainsto Quilty where they are stay, and eventually helps her escape, but then is hospitalized for a fever.In anger, Humbert promises to get revenge on her “kidnapper”. Years later, he discovers Quiltyafter reconnecting with Lolita, who is a pregnant, married teenager living in poverty.When Lolita rejects Hubert’s offer to go back with him, he finds Quilty and kills him. Humbertis charged with murder and is put in jail. In jail, he writes the manuscript, and requests for it notto be published until Lolita and him are dead. Lolita unfortunately dies while giving birth to herchild, and Humbert dies in jail. (Russell) (Nabokov’s)The book Lolita was banned due to it being a “pornography” explained the editorof Chicago Tribune Magazine. The Banning of the book caused so much controversy over anumber of reasons. Humbert was a pedophile, him having sex with Lolita struck the audienceand was considered “obscene” says TIME staff. Lolita is a book that was published through apornographic press in 1955 considering the sexual content that was revealed. In my opinion thebook Lolita shouldn't have been banned, because it paints a lesson on how some men think. Itteaches women that no matter who comes into your life, you’ll never know their real intensions,so always be aware. (Staff) (Flint)It is about irony, dark impulses, tragedy, and above all oppression. “I wasconsumed by a hell furnace of localized lust for every passing nymphet whom as a law-abidingpoltroon I never dared approach.” (ch.5 p.8) Humbert

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