Illegal immigration

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Alien Invasion
Illegal immigration is widespread throughout the United States. There are 12 million or more illegal aliens in the United States, this number continues to rise (Swartz). This influx of illegal immigrants causes jobless Americans to lose out on opportunities. Employers choose to pay illegal immigrants lower wages than American workers. Is it right to pay illegal immigrants less than Americans to do the same job? Should the illegal immigrants be deported? Should border control be increased? Will border control help to decrease illegal immigrants? Will the argument hold for the 14th amendment? Is the child of an illegal immigrant a citizen of the United States? Will anyone stand up to illegal immigration?

Most people are oblivious to the fact that illegal immigration and unemployment are intertwined. Americans have trouble finding jobs that are gainful because non-Americans, who illegally crossed the border unabated, are employed by companies, both big and small. Looking at Labor report from 2013 shows that 11.3 million American’s are without a job (“CPS News Releases,” 2013). President Barack Obama said, in his speech about immigration, “that there was over 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States.” The main reason illegal and legal immigrants come to the United States is for a better life, a job is required to achieve this goal. The United States of America has become a home for Latino’s in search of a better life. These Latino’s send money back to Mexico and Central American countries to be able to support their families. The importance of money for their families abroad means that most of the adult illegal immigrants are working within our borders. [Actions] need to be taken to control illegal immigration such as a foolproof, biometric identity card for employment and stiff penalties against companies who hire undocumented workers. (Lukens) If laws against labor and immigration were enforced, that would create up to 14 million job openings. That means many of the 11.3 million jobless legal residents would have a job, resulting in an unemployment rate to dip to record low numbers. This will never be obtained if the United States government continues to refuse to take action on illegal immigration. The people of the United States of America are strong, yet without the opportunity to work they will not flourish.

Many supporters of amnesty and unchecked immigration claim that the illegal immigrants are doing the jobs that legal Americans refuse to do. “That exaggeration is grossly incorrect for two reasons: One, statistics show otherwise and, two, Americans will work if given the chance” (Confer). The illegal aliens are not doing only the most menial of chores. Millions of illegal immigrants maintain highly skilled jobs such as construction or maintenance. To get more American’s working and straighten out the economy, the government at all levels must focus on enforcing the existing laws and responsibilities in a timely, legal, and effective manner. Arguments we hear today about the deportation of millions of illegal immigrants being logistically impossible are nothing more than a mask concealing a lack of political will. (McGrath) While much debate is about how to stop illegal immigrants from entering the United States, none of it is about what should be done to get them out. Mass deportation has been on the government's mind for years. That however is not logistically impossible but the government lacks the will to implement the policies to make the plan successful. During World War II, Mexicans illegally entered the United States to inorder to make gainful employment opportunities, such as jobs as agricultural laborers. By 1940 the illegal immigrants made up about 12 percent of California’s population. Following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Mexicans moved from working in the fields to factories or the Armed Forces. Corporate farmers and other business interests argued...

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