If I Ruled the World

Topics: United States, African American, Martin Luther King, Jr. Pages: 1 (289 words) Published: December 27, 2012
If I ruled the world

If I ruled the world, first thing I would do is make everyone in every contry free to do, say, and think whatever they want. We live in the year of 2010 and there are still countries, where women do not have the right to vote, to divorce, where they are beaten by their husbands or sons for the simple fact that they are not all happy and willing to obey their rules or the rules their religion set for them. Not only in The Emirates is domestic violence approved as a common and rational thing.

47 years passed from the day Martin Luther King had his famous "I Have a Dream" speach in Washington D.C. and only these days, when president Obama is ruling the United States, they are giving the same opportunities to everybody without looking what color is their skin. But not everywere is the situation being solved.

In my opinion, everyone should have the same rights. Wether you are black, homosexual, have multiple facial piercings and tattoos or you come from different planet.

Secondly, I would try to prevent endangered spieces from being hunt. Right these days, people discovered that Madagaskar is a natural source of gold. The golden feaver had already started. Can you imagine, what will happend in the next few years? What will be left of this uniqe and special island, where currently you can find many spieces of animals and plants that are nowhere else on the world? I would stop killing animals for fur and cutting rain forests for wood. Forests are the limbs of our world. Trees produce the oxygen we all need. If we cut them all, what would we breathe?
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