If You Want Peace Than Ready Foe War

Topics: Venezuela, Colombia, United States Pages: 4 (1147 words) Published: May 7, 2013
“Peace will be my port, my glory, my reward, my hope, my happiness and all that is beautiful to me in this world,” wrote our father Bolívar to Santander on June 23, 1820. And because we love and value peace, we will not move away from that old principle, especially when the imperialist criminal brutality is threatening us: “If we want peace, let’s get ready for war.”

I want to embrace the words of José Manuel Briceño Guerrero, a great Venezuelan and Latin American conscience who is being paid a fair tribute at the V International Book Fair. He talked about the need of “going on a long journey towards ourselves.” The journey we started on February 27, 1989 that has continued for these ten years of Revolution: The most necessary journey of all.

Last Wednesday, for instance, we gave the Venezuelan flag to the 555 athletes representing our country at the XVI Bolivarian Games in Sucre, there in our beloved Bolivia. I am more than convinced that they will continue heightening and dignifying the name of Venezuela. It is a new moral force, a sacred fire burning in the hearts of these brothers and sisters of the homeland.

The unpatriotic scoundrels wanted to distort an order I gave last Sunday to the honorable soldiers of our Bolivarian National Armed Force. I want to reiterate it, as I said on Friday during the rally for peace and against the U.S. military bases in Colombian soil: I am obliged to call on everybody to defend the homeland of Bolivar and of our children. If I don’t do it, I would be highly betraying our beloved Venezuela, especially with the information I have.

Our homeland is free and we will defend it with our lives. Venezuela will never be a colony; it will never be on its knees facing invaders and empires. Our Bolivarian Armed Force, the people in arms as a whole, is and has to be a guarantee for the Bolivarian peace: the real peace.

Commander Fidel Castro warns us in its deep and convincing article titled The Annexation of Colombia to...
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