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Topics: Arithmetic mean, Variable cost, Expected value Pages: 2 (988 words) Published: October 29, 2014

An operation increases its production level and observes that the cost of producing each unit decreases. This is an example of: Economies of scale. Organizations have: internal and external supply chains. The center of gravity method for location choice is often used to minimize: shipping costs. Which of the following are common reasons a firm might expand into new countries?: To operate under less restrictive regulations and to improve access to foreign markets. . Compared to service operations, manufacturing operations tend to have more and to be less: standardized output; labor-Intensive. Regarding the transportation model, which of the following statements is true? Each unit shipped on the same route has the same shipping cost. Strategy formulation typically includes: Assessing core competencies and Environmental scanning Factory managers have built a small version of a building as a training aid for fire drill procedures this is an example of a model: Physical. Given the following information, what would utilization be? Design capacity = 1000 units per day Effective capacity = 800 units per day Actual output = 600 units per day: (UTILIZATION = ACTUAL OUTPUT/DESIGN CAPACITY): 600/1000 =60%. Compared to manufacturing operations, an important difference in capacity planning for service operations is that: service operations must often be located near customers and Services cannot be stored. Given the following information, what would efficiency be? Design capacity = 800 units per day Effective capacity = 600 units per day Actual output = 400 units per day: (EFFICIENCY = ACTUAL OUPUT/EFFECTIVE CAPACITY): 400/600=67%. In regard to hierarchical planning, tactics are best described as: the methods and actions taken to accomplish strategies. Productivity is expressed as: output divided by input. Gourmet Pretzels bakes soft pretzels on an assembly line. It currently bakes 4000 pretzels in each 12-hour shift. If the production is increased to 5000 pretzels each...
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