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Topics: Mixed martial arts, Martial arts, Grappling Pages: 3 (1075 words) Published: May 4, 2011
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Identity is what defines us as a person. Everyone one on earth has their own unique identity. To showcase my identity, I created a collage of images and descriptive words, called an identi-kit. This identi-kit shows what I feel like is my identity to myself and the others. My identi-kit identifies me as a mixed martial artist. The identi-kit has images of a deadly shark with mixed martial arts gloves on that say mixed martial arts on the front and fight shorts with the words competitor and warrior on them. It also has descriptive words like “killer instinct” and “fight” which describe my spirit. There are three assumptions that come to question when asking about one’s identity. The first is if you were born with this identity? The second is if this identity was shaped because of culturally influences? The third is if the identity was created because of personal choices in your life? My identity was formed by all three assumptions of identity.orn with. Me joining and training in mixed martial arts were both culturally influenced and a personal choice. My brother and brother-in-law influenced me in mixed martial arts and then it was my personal choice to train and experience mixed martial arts. My never give up and go for the kill attitude was what I was born with. My identi-kit shows that my identity is a mixed martial artists that is disciplined and has a killer instinct when it comes to competition.

The images and words on the identi-kit were carefully chosen to fully project my identity. One image that was chosen is an image of a shark that looks ferocious and ready to go one more round. This image displays that I am the same way. When it comes to training and competing I am mean and will go one more round to win. Quitting is not an option in my life. There is a phrase on my identi-kit and it says “Killer Instinct”. This phrase was chosen because it is very descriptive and shows that I have the killer instinct to fight through the pain and...
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