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Topics: Mobile phone, Middle East, Telephone Pages: 3 (1335 words) Published: April 25, 2015
Technology Changed My Life, my identity, my language.
Technology, tools and machines are all new methods of language changing techniques and transformation of our middle eastern identity. Technology lets you talk, access the internet, play games and much more. A cell phone comes in handy in times like emergencies. Most defiantly so you can call the ambulance, police or even the fire department. Just in case of things happen like fires, robberies or even wrecks, you will have something handy to get a hold of the emergency help. The cell phone will change your life in ways that can be either good or bad. But technology will never improve our language or enhance our identity if we keep on using it the way we are using it now. This essay seeks to explain how advanced technology has shifted my life and changed some many perspectives about it. Technology is considered as the weapon of mass distinction. This weapon have changed our life cycle and our life styles. On a cell phone there is a thing called texting. Texting is a different way of communicating instead of calling someone. You can type a message on your phones keyboard, put in an address (as in a phone number) to who you would like to send a message to and press send and that person will receive the message on their phone. Of course either person can choose to just call at any time, but more than likely the text messages will go back in forth. Texting is popular now a day considering it is a teen’s favorite way to talk to each other. Some teens bully others through texting and is currently one of the most common ways of bullying today. Forward, are types of messages that you can send to someone to see what he or she may think of you, to see if they have something to ask you or even to tell you about an important, even that might be coming up. One day I feel that we will lose our true language and true middle eastern identity because those texting or messaging techniques are wiping out all sorts of language...
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