IBG Chap 1

Topics: Answer, Question, Globalization Pages: 2 (385 words) Published: October 15, 2014
SEM 2 2013/2014
Students are required to form a group of 5 members.
Each group need to select only ONE case. The case will be selected randomly.

The list of the cases are as below:
1. Case 1: Globalization at General Electric on page 16. Question no.7 on page 36. 2. Case 2: IKEA The Global Retailer on page 37. Questions on page 37. 3. Case 3: Corruption in the Philippines on page 53. Question no.3 on page 80. 4. Case 4: Indonesia After Suharto and the Asian Crisis on page 81. Questions on page 82. 5. Case 5: Islamic Capitalism in Turkey on page 101. Question no.6 on page 117. 6. Case 6: McDonald’s and Hindu Culture on page 104. Question no.5 on page 117. 7. Case 7: DMG Shanghai on page 118. Questions on page 118.

8. Case 8: Moving U.S. White Collar Jobs Offshore on page 189. Question no 6 on page 206. 9. Case 9: Trade in Information Technology and U.S. Economic Growth on page 206. Questions on page 207. 10. Case 10: Volkswagen’s Hedging Strategy on page 352. Question no 2 on page 369. 11. Case 11: The Curse of the Strong Dollar at STMicro on page 370. Questions on page 371. 12. Case 12: The Search for Capital in the Czech Rebuplic on page 428. Question no 2 on page 431. 13. Case 13: China Mobile on page 432. Questions on page 433. Read the selected case study and answer ALL or ANY THREE questions that are enclosed. Your group has to present this case study by answering ANY TWO questions. After the presentation, your group is required to submit answers to ANY THREE questions. Guideline to Assignment Write-up:

The report must be typed using A4 paper size, Tahoma 11 point font. The cover page of your report should consists of:
Code and title of the course
The word “ Group Assignment 1: Case No___: Title of the case” The lecturer’s name
The list of group members and their matric numbers. The matric numbers must be in ascending order form.

Dateline of...
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