Ib Math Sl Type 1

Topics: 1968 Summer Olympics, Gold medal, Olympic Games Pages: 2 (460 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Purpose of Investigation
The purpose of this investigation is to find out the general trends of the Olympic gold medal height each time the event is held. It also could be used to predict the next gold medal height in the upcoming Olympic events. We could know as well what functions can be used to plot the graphs. People could also analyze the pattern of rise or decrease in height of the winning height in the Olympic game.

This investigation also allows future participants to find out information about previous gold medal heights and can make them easier to set targets for their performance in the Olympic Games.


b.The function I used for constructing this graph is Gaussian. Because from the list of functions in the graph-constructing program, the Gaussian function is the most accurate shape when plotted according to the data given which is the statistics of height of gold medalist for men’s high jump in the Olympic. The technology I used to plot all the graphs is Logger Pro 3.50.


The difference is not significant after I adjust it. It can be seen from the graph itself that the shape of it is also similar. The limitation is that it is plotted on a lower values compared to the original and so it couldn’t reach the 1980 mark like the original graph.


With the technology I used, the function I find to have a similar shape is the cubic function which is the red line. There are some period that the cubic function has a higher value. Also there are some points where the two graphs meet. But in the end the cubic is lower than the original and couldn’t reach the 1980 mark. e.According to the original graph, if in the year 1940 and 1944, the estimated height will be 198.2 and 199.6 respectively. f.Estimated winning heights in 2984 and 2016 are 235 and 241 respectively. From the data, the winning...
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