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Topics: Brothers Grimm, Woman, Gender Pages: 2 (382 words) Published: October 10, 2013

Question: How was your understanding of cultural and contextual consideration of the work developed through the interactive oral?

Work Used: Jacob and Willhelm Grimm’s Cinderella

Throughout the interactive oral, we extrapolated the ideas of cultural and contextual works of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm’s short story, Cinderella. Our discussions brought not only very insightful thoughts out into the open, but also theories on the author’s and plot keys that had me reanalyzing the entire piece.

From what we know, the German brothers, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, have co-authored two-hundred and nine short stories including Rapunzel, Hansel and Gretel, and Snow White, all stories focused around the injustices of society. Their father died of pneumonia when they were young, and went through school with heightened senses toward to social distortion that surrounded them; especially in the instance where both boys were rejected from School of Law at Harvard for being poor. Their use of the insidious stepmother and sisters exemplifies the comparison of the hardworking proletariat to the rich living bourgeois; the injustice the latter gives to the lower class on a daily basis solely for the amount of riches the person carries.

This whole story details not only social inequality of the time, but also gender inequality. Throughout the whole story, the main female character as well as the minor female characters is scripted to play very stereotypical gender roles. When a festival is held by the graciousness of the king, only the finest of women are invited, so that the prince may “select” a woman as his bride. This was what women were seen as: the equivalent of livestock. Only the cream of the crop could be used to even begin picking through until the “perfect” woman was found. In an extreme attempt to be the prince’s perfect woman, both insidious stepsisters bludgeon parts of their feet in order to fit into the slipper worn by what the Prince thought to be his...
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