Hyundai Case

Topics: Marketing, Brad Pitt, Perception Pages: 3 (844 words) Published: September 21, 2011
I.Statement of the Problem

“How will Hyundai manage to change the Consumer’s image regarding their products as budget brand?”


General Objective
To examine and further deepen our understanding with to regards to the problem of Hyundai as they accelerates new image marketing. •Specific Objective
To provide and present diverse alternative courses of action concerning the crisis noticed. To persist on a case by case basis the different Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats that have been perceived. To endow with accurate recommendations and suggestions with regards to the problem of the case.

III.Alternative Courses of Action

The Company should market their product in a way that they will be able to change their image as budget brand such as using influential or famous actors in their ads.

PRO’S: with this marketing strategy, such as using famous actor’s or influential personalities their target consumer will be able to change their perception with regard to their product. Seeing that, with the use of famous actor’s such as Brad Pitt or even Tom cruise, this following name are very known not just in USA but also in the entire world, and they are not just famous actors but rather high class one, so with Hyundai using them as their models for their commercial, their target consumer will definitely change their perceived image of Hyundai as Budget Brand.

CON’S: using this marketing strategy such as using famous actors may be able to catch the attention of their target consumer and maybe, be able to have them. But on the other way around, because of their popularity or influence the cost of hiring them as their models may be expensive.

The company should try to change or maybe even renovate a bit their model cars so that they target consumer may be able to perceived they product as not a Budget Brand.

PRO’S: Using this strategy, such as changing or renovating their product like adding some...
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