Hunters in the Snow by Tobias Wolff’

Topics: Tobias Wolff, Hunting, Short story Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Tobias Wolff’s “ Hunters in the Snow” focuses on symbolism, “Imagery”, settings and atmosphere. Author Tobia Wolff ‘s short story includes three men with distinctive personalities, Tub, Kenny, and Frank, who want to hunt in the cold bitter weather. Tub had waited an hour with his rifle for Kenny and Frank to pick him up, ““Imagery”” and “Atmosphere” was shown on page 172. “ The fall of the snow thickened.” “Tub stood below the overhang of a building.” Across the road the clouds whitened just above the rooftops, and the streetlights went out.

Aggressive driver Kenny and passenger Frank picked Tub up, nearly grazing him. Kenny thought he was being funny. They are already to hit the road, but with an unsuitable car with a hole through it’s windshield. Stated on page 173 supports the “Setting”. ‘They left Spokane and drove into the country, running along black lines of fences.’

Author Tobias Wolf conveys Tub character as sensitive. In the short story there had been hostility between Tub and Kenny about tub’s weight. Franks character has secrets revealing he had an affair on his wife Nancy with a fifteen-year-old girl (The Baby-Sitter).

As they go hunting “Imagery” is shown on page 173. “The cold bleached their faces and made the stubble stand out on their cheeks and along their upper lips”. On page 174 states “Setting” and ““Imagery”” of them in the woods. “They hunted for over two hours and saw no deer, no tracks, no sign”. “Imagery” is displayed again on page 174. “They left the woods and are hunting along the creek.” It became harder for Tub than it did for the others.“ “Tub quickened his pace breasting hard into the drifts, fighting away the snow with his knees and elbows.” Frank and Kenny were ahead most of the time. Tub had trouble hearing them, that’s how far away they were.

Kenny and Frank followed tracks in the woods that the deer had gone over the fence. Symbolism is shown on page 174. “A no hunting sign was nailed to the top of one of the...
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