Humanity's Selfishness and the Practice of Ethical Science

Topics: Natural environment, Mass production, Freeman Dyson Pages: 1 (318 words) Published: March 24, 2014
>>> Wilson discusses the “Juggernaut Theory of Human Nature” “which holds that people are programmed by their genetic heritage to be so selfish that a sense of global responsibility will come too late”pg. 260. Wilson discusses that people are genetically prone to be so self-entered that they will not develop an awareness of our global dilemma until it is too late.

>>>He insists that "the human species is, in a word, an environmental abnormality," pg. 260 because human's negative impact on the earth is likely to threaten the survival of the human species. There are people who fail to recognize environmental issues for what they really are. These are the exemptionalists. They see these problems as very minor. Wilson believes that these people think that environmental problems will soon disappear with the growth and advancement of technology. He believes that these people are too caught up with their own lives and the present that they fail to think about what could be waiting for their ancestors in years to come.

“Can Science Be Ethical” ¬¬--- Freeman Dyson
Describes the relationship between the different brands of science and their inherent ability to improve the well being of humanity. He describes how in times of great discovery, great men like Henry Ford can go against the entrepreneurial tradition and develop mass produced consumer goods designed specifically to improve the quality of life of both the rich and the poor alike. Dyson’s primary example is the introduction of the motorcycle in Europe during the first decade of the twentieth century. Dyson describes how the motorcycle allowed the poor men of the working class to travel Europe as only the aristocracy had previously done. Any workingman could purchase and maintain a motorcycle with minimal effort. The importance of the motorcycle was not derived from its price, but from its ability to close the gap between the factory worker and the factory owner.
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