Human Trafficking

Topics: Human trafficking, Prostitution, Slavery Pages: 3 (936 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Human trafficking may affect those victims facing with physical and mental health problems. This is due to the surrounding that they will stay before and after they arrived the location that traffickers going to transfer them. At the point of physical health problem, the victims of human trafficking might get injured when they have to travel and expose with dangerous surrounding before they reached their destinations. After that, most of traffickers will place those victims in overcrowded and unsanitary places. This can cause the trafficked people death when their wounds get infections because of the environment and absence of physician to cure the infected wounds. Furthermore, lack of clean water supply will lead the infectious diseases spread easily to the trafficked people. Some of the victims that were women and children become slave in sex industries (Hill, 2011). That caused the women and innocent children to suffered mental health problem especially those little girls which should have their education at that age when they have to obey the traffickers order to provide sex services to people or else they will lose their life. For instance, Michael Cory Davis who are an American actor, well-known filmmaker and activist met a 13 year old Bulgarian girl which is a victim of trafficking stated that the girl sold by her adoptive parents into prostitution (Wikipedia, 2011). In addition, a woman called Sarah confess that she has been trafficked by her friend and eventually her boyfriend when she get a job at one of Alex Campbell’s massage centre in Chicago area. She then become a prostitute and Campbell warned her many times he will kill Sarah if she trying to disobey his order. Campbell also forced Sarah to drink alcohol and made her have sex with another woman while he videotaped it. He then threatened to send that video to Sarah’s family, if she trying to escape from him (Brooks, 2013). Things get even worst when those victims who involved in the sex industries...
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