Human Trafficking

Topics: Slavery, Human trafficking, Anti-Slavery International Pages: 4 (1274 words) Published: December 1, 2013
Human Trafficking Legal Assessment
Forms of slavery
There are 3 different forms of slavery. They are:
Sex Trafficking
Forced Labour
Debt Bondage
1. An example of Sex Trafficking is the case of Vicky F., a young woman from Mexico, came to the United States with her husband, Jorge. They left their young son back home with Jorge's mother. Jorge convinced Vicky to work as a prostitute so that they could save money to build a house back home. He kept all the money she earned and sent it directly back home to his family. Vicky was not allowed to keep a dime. He told her that if she did not work as a prostitute, she would never be allowed to see their son again. He threatened her with physical abuse and hit her when she disobeyed him. 

Vicky's mother grew suspicious after she did not hear from her daughter for an extended period and contacted the authorities. She had a telephone number for Vicky that was traced to an apartment in Queens. Law enforcement investigated and located Vicky, who broke down and told them what Jorge was forcing her to do. They helped Vicky find a place to stay and referred her for counselling. Vicky cooperated with the prosecution in the case against Jorge. He received one of the longest sentences for human trafficking to date. Vicky now has a T visa and has been reunited with her son. 2. An example of Forced Labour is the case of Nasreen where at the age of 15 she was sent by her family to live with her uncle in New York after experiencing severe financial troubles. Before she arrived her uncle promised that he would sign her up for school and she would work for him part-time in his corner store. But when she arrived she was forced to do domestic work in her uncle’s home for long hours and was made the cashier in the store until late night. He never offered payment for her work. She lived like this for 2 years and whenever she asked when she would be allowed to go to school, she would be punished by preventing her from speaking to her...
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