Human Resources System Comparison

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Professor: Zakia Robin

Written by: Amane HIBI
Since 1999, Telecom Company followed a new approach in dealing with the Human Resources issues, considered to be the relevant pillar for business development, in a way to meet with the upcoming competition standards in a yet locally opened market and also to comply with the requirements of an internationally globalized one. I have been working for Telecom Company for more than 12 years, among which the best and the most part of my career was spent in management positions through which I was able to closely experience different aspects of an ancient HR system and the new adopted one, ranging from training, individual performance assessment, individual efficiency assessment, team performance assessment, development of competencies and evaluation, personnel new classification, mobility & promotion, to involvement in training actions design and purchase projects, trainers assessment and central hiring commission, in Customer Offering field. Therefore, through this memorandum I wish firstly to enlighten you about the HR former system based on my own Knowledge, and also according to my practice of different tools that had been in usage at the time and the various experiments or trials I underwent. Secondly, I will obviously include a sight from the modern and recent HR system used to be in practice till recently with a thorough analysis about some crucial pillars like job profiling, performance management, competencies development and assessment, and identification and development of talents, altogether in contrast with the HR integrated approach. Finally, I will highlight some recommendations to address to my former employer, so as to guide the HR team towards building a perfect HR strategy which mobilizes the human capital all around a productive and sustainable value creation. Before 2000, Telecom Company didn’t dispose yet of a jobs description manual. Besides that, the HR information storage was only in the shape of paper-based folders which were safely guarded. For new hired people, no one could predict how promotions would be decided upon and how bonuses and incentives would be granted. Since my first positions as an Operational Manager, I had the duty to yearly evaluate my teams’ members using a grade-based system out of a scale of 20. The assessment criteria should be made on the basis of 5 items, which were the followings: Work Efficiency, Productivity, Work Quality, Reliability, and Punctuality & Attendance. A final grade would result on, not necessarily the average calculation of the other scores. Obviously, it had a considerable impact on the advancement final evaluation. It is noticeable that a scoring system like what I explained above depending on a vague methodology couldn’t resist some relevant side effects and limitations. Many understandable reasons clarified this biased system that wasn’t able to mobilize, federate and motivate all our staff towards creating a competitive advantage. The same reality was shared inside other technical and sales entities both locally and regionally. On one hand, the grid used, provided basically a general workplace definition about each criterion without any specific HR guidance related to the field of expertise or competences, that enable the manager to add some skills’ specificities or exclude some non applicable facts. Moreover, no commissions were designated to perform coordination even between line managers or entities dealing with same jobs, on the other hand. Timely, the starting point for the HR modern era for Telecom Company was in 2002-2003. Therefore, a whole series of projects went ahead, particularly the jobs description content project that had began in line with the huge ISO 9001 Certification Project. As I belonged to the pilot phase area, I participated to the creation of jobs description profiling from the ground,...
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