Human Resource Management System

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To allow the HR department of an organization to update the employee details when ever their is a change in the employee profile pertaining to that organization. To bring on to a string the employee specification suggestion and make them sure to post their requirements to the HR. HRMS stands for Human Resources Management System. It is the implementation of several cohesive systems that will manage all aspects of human resources at Indiana University. HRMS will: •       capture and record all biographic data for individuals (e.g. names, addresses) •        Track tenure, academic titles, and service dates •        manage positions

•        Track healthcare enrollments, retirement, leave plans, paid time off •        To establish and maintain organization structure and desirable working relationship among all the members of organization. •        Track people’s tax records, deductions, direct deposit •        digitize paper-based processes such as the personnel action form (PAF) •        support a more robust reporting environment •        Track timekeeping electronically

•       To maintain high employee moral and human relation by improving the various condition and facilities. •        To provide fair, acceptable and efficient leadership. •        To create facilities and opportunities for individual or group development. •        To secure the integration of individual or group development. •        Process payroll

The primary objective of HRMS is to improve the quality of human resources data, and thereby provide better HR services to individuals


The Project Scope will include PeopleSoft HRMS Version 6 modules to be configured and made available via the web to the offices of Human Resources, Academic Personnel, Payroll, and Budget and Finance, as well as job seekers (both internal and external) and employees responsible for academic, staff, and student personnel actions. Faculty and staff will also have access to employee self-service features when the self-service component is completed. The Payroll/Personnel System (PPS) will continue to be the system of record for time and pay information. Benefits will continue to be recorded. PPS will share data with HRMS. The following activities are included in the project scope. Some will be completed in Phase I, and others possibly in the future, depending on funding decisions. • Administer Workforce: employee life cycle events beginning when an employee is hired. This component was implemented in July, 2002. • Compensation: manage compensation for employees (tracking and reporting on merits, above and...
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