Human Resource Management

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1. Introduction:
The concept of human resource is changing day by day. Now employees of an organization is not only considered as human resources but also as human capital.This happened because of the increasing importance of human resource to an organization especially to a manufacturing organization. As a result, duties and responsibilities of human resource management have become so dynamic and challenging. The span of tasks of human resource management is now not only limited in hiring of employees but also includes training, development of employees, motivating them and in some cases deploying them too. 2. Historical context of Human resource management:

Managing human resources in a manufacturing firm is very tough job, and most important too. Because human resource is that segment of a production process which differentiate a firm from other firms in both positive and negative ways (Armstrong, 2012). There are many firms in the same industry who possess same resources and use same technologies but their productivity is different just because of the difference in skill and efficiency of their human resources. One firm’s human resources are adding value to the organization through higher productivity and another firm’s human resources are wasting the firm’s potentialities (Bratton and Gold, 2012). 2.1: Function of human resource management:

The function of human resource management of a firm starts with identifying how much employees are needed to the firm. Then recruiting and selection process starts. In case of fresh employees, the question of training and development or deployment comes. Because it will not be a wise decision for a firm to retain its employees who are less productive or not efficient up to the mark as manufacturing industry operates in a perfectly competitive market (Laroche and Rutherford, 2007). So, this report is focusing on these issues including employee performance, evaluation of performance, actions against poor performance such as deployment and rationalization of this decisions from and analytical perspective. 2.2: Role of human resource management:

The role and objectives human resource management of a firm is described from the broader organizational perspective. To assess and identify the number of employees needed to the organization To recruit and select appropriate employees for the firm To increase our organization’s capacity and production To reduce unnecessary costs relating with human resources. To identify employee needs and expectations

To identify the necessity of training and development programs in our organization To increase skills and competencies of our employees
To ensure efficiency and effectiveness in every department of organization

3. Organization design, culture and development:
Manufacturing companies, being operated in a competitive market do not have control over price (Marchington and Wilkinson, 2008). All a manufacturing firm can do is to achieve operational excellence and control over costs through the use of best raw material, most advanced technology and most efficient workforce (Cook, 2009). But in some cases it is seen that many firms can’t achieve operational excellence although they are using best raw materials and technologies just because of their inefficient human resources. A firm can achieve operational excellence when all these three inputs will work together (Taylor, 2008). So, organizations need to monitor the quality of its inputs on a regular basis. As our firm is using the best raw materials available in the market and the most advanced technologies so now the focus of the organization is on its human resources. Again the organizational design and structure must be evaluated. In case of restructuring which part of the management such as top, mid or lower level will be mostly affected. This will be found out on the basis of needs and pervious performances. Deploying employees from only one part of organizational...
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