Human Resource Management

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Question is based on your class room course work. Write down the details of the company which you have finalized for presentation on the HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT application which consist of the following aspects :-

1. a) List and explain the basic strategic planning roles of the Human Resource Manager in a company.
b) List and explain 3 advantages and 3 disadvantages of hiring staff internally by the organization.
c) What are the HR functions ?
d) In details write the planning, organizing , staffing , leading & controlling. f) List and explain the 5 processes in training and development? g) List and explain five training methods used in your company which you form in your group.

3. Explain the following terms used in Human Resource Management - Aptitude Test
- Intelligence Test
- Management Development
- Role Playing
- Job Rotation
- Action Learning
- Performance Appraisal
- Succession Planning

4. Based on the interview you have attended in the class. Write down the details of the interview processes . What are the failures which you encountered from this particular organization (opposite group) and how they should be improving it? What is the advantage for hiring internal comparable with external candidate?

5. What are the causes of accidents at the workplace?
What are the ways to prevent accidents at the workplace? What are the best way of educating the workers with the knowledge?

6. What is a job description?
- List and explain the sections found in a job description - Explain the following terms with respect to job analysis : •...
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