Strategically Managing Hr Function

Topics: Human resource management, Human resources, Management / Pages: 25 (6188 words) / Published: Dec 22nd, 2012
Chapter Summary
The chapter discusses the various roles and activities of the HR function first. Then it examines how to develop a market- or customer- oriented HR function. Next, the chapter describes the current structure of most HR functions. Finally, the chapter concludes with a discussion of new technologies that can improve HR effectiveness, including the Internet, expert systems, groupware, imaging, and various software applications.
Learning Objectives
After studying this chapter, the student should be able to:
1. Describe the roles that HR plays in firms today and the categories of HR activities.
2. Discuss how the HR function can define its mission and market.
3. Explain the approaches to evaluating the effectiveness of HR practices.
4. Describe the new structures for the HR function.
5. Relate how process reengineering is used to review and redesign the HR practices.
6. Discuss the types of new technologies that can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of HR.
7. Describe how outsourcing HR activities can improve service delivery efficiency and effectiveness.
Extended Chapter Outline
Note: Key terms appear in boldface and are listed in the “Chapter Vocabulary” section.
Opening Vignette: Blowing up HR
Within a company, employees usually spend 80% of their time on routine administrative tasks, which can be performed for less by others. Leaders are unable to describe their contribution to value added except in trendy and unquantifiable terms; however, the department frequently offers to others advice on how to eliminate work that does not add value. This analogy is describing a human resource department within a company and Stewart argues why not get rid of it.
I. Introduction—Virtually every HR function in top companies is going through a transformation process to create a function that can play this new strategic role while successfully fulfilling its other roles.

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