Human Resource Department (Employee Benefits)

Topics: Employee benefit, Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, Term Pages: 4 (1186 words) Published: September 5, 2010
Human Resource Department
Sunday August 1, 2010
Memo To: Upper Management
From: HR Training Recruiter
Subject: Employee Benefits for Employees
It has come to my attention, that employees are concerned over some issues with the health insurance plan we offer, retirement and saving plans, as well as their time off and FMLA rights. I have come up with an excellent employee benefit plan that would educate the employees on their rights and show them how these benefits are best for their situations. The employee benefit plan includes the different types of health insurance they can pick from that would be best for their situation. A breakdown and explanation of how the retirement and saving plans work with every year that person stays with this company. Lastly a full detailed description of how they can apply for their time off or if FMLA is needed and their rights. There will be few seminars from me, to personally explain all the new changes as well as answer any questions the employees may have about these changes.

Changes in Health Insurance
Many employees are have a tuff time affording the current health insurance plan. After doing some research there is a health insurance plan that takes less money out of the employee’s pockets and they have the option of picking their own health coverage. There will be an open enrollment at the end of this month for health providers that the employees can learn about and make their decision based on what is best for them. The current health plan only has one provider which is Blue Cross Blue Shield. We will now offer two other providers along with Blue Cross Blue Shield which are Anthem Blue and Aflac. What is Open Enrollment?

“Open Enrollment is the period of time employers set up to allow employees to choose from the plans available to them. Usually open enrollment covers insurance plans such as health, dental, vision, life, accidental death & dismemberment, short term disability and long term...

References: Nathan, S. (2010, August 31). Open Enrollment. Message posted to (2010). Ultimate guide to retirement. Retrieved from
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