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Part 1 The group decision making process

"Humans are small group beings. We always have been and we always will be. The ubiquitousness of groups and the inevitability of being in them makes groups one of the most important factors in our lives. As the effectiveness of our groups goes, so goes the quality of our lives." (Johnson and Johnson 2003: 579). Since I have studied in Exeter University, I have been taught to study in a group, which is totally different from my undergraduate course. In Human resource management class, we have been divided in three groups, there are seven people in my group.who are from China, Malaysia and Japan. Following Gibbs model of reflection(1988), this essays will illustrate five steps, which are description, feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion and action plan. In detail it will focus on the decision making process in our group and reflect my behavior in the group.

Feelings and Thoughts
A deep impression on me when we had a first meeting, most of group members were unconfident and careful , the meeting only lasted 20minutes. Tuckman(1965) has claimed in his group development model, in the first meet in the group, everyone might be considerable nervous and try to identify the nature of situation of group and the process not last long. During the meeting we introduced our names, nationalities, interests and backgrounds in the group, and decided to select a team leader. In order to go through this stage to achieve our group objective, a regular meeting time was decided and each one had a chance to be a leader in the group. As time goes, we were getting know each others during the following meets and spend more time on decision making.

A decision is a specific commitment to action (usually a commitment of resources) (Harrison, 1999). People always make decision at level as - individual, group, organization and societal. From my viewpoint, we skipped the individual part, and started from the group decision level. We discuss how to work together as a group. However, according to Tuckman(1965), the first stage of team building at individual level should not be avoided, otherwise decision might have some negative effects on the team, for instance, if the leader who we choose is irresponsible and the leadership style might affect decision making process. In this case, I did not actually think about the people's skill or ability when we chose the people as a leader, I followed most peoples' idea.

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