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Topics: Decision making, Neuroticism, 360-degree feedback Pages: 6 (1438 words) Published: September 4, 2013

This report introduces concept of 360 degree feedback with its achievements and analyses the impact on 360 degree feedback from the three lenses, Cognitive heuristics, personality traits and social factors.

Table of Contents

360 Degree Feedback3
Use of the three lenses4
Cognitive heuristics4
Personality traits5
Social factors5
Team interdependence5
Organizational Politics6


360-degree feedback is becoming widely used within organizations to provide powerful input to performance management and employee development. When conducting 360 degree feedback, there are several factors impacting on the employee response or decision making through the use of feedback. This report is analyzing feedback from the three lenses.

360 Degree Feedback

360 degree feedback is a performance appraisal system that obtains feedback on an individual’s performance from a variety of sources. Organizations integrate the process into performance management system along with appraisals and regular supervision meetings. It can provide detailed and structured information about current performance and what will be required in the future for both individuals and organizations (Ranken 2012). Today’s organizations are continually looking for ways to improve efficiency and performance, and 360 degree feedback is playing a growing role to help organization to effectively evolve the people working within it. The use of 360 degree feedback provides the unique opportunity for individuals to rate themselves, to increase their awareness of self-strengths and weaknesses. So they will have an increased understanding of the actions required to improve effectiveness in the future. 360-feedback has added the perspective from which performance and behaviors can be observed comparing to traditional self-evaluation. Employees can play more trust in such a process that they get to evaluate their effectiveness. Thus, they will be more acceptance of the feedback they receive. Increased individual ownership for self-development and learning can also be promoted through the process (Gray et al. 2006). From organizational perspectives, the system increases involvement of people at all levels within the organization. Employees will be more focused on development activities and skills to achieve better organizational performance. Moreover, Fleenor and Prince (1997) have stated that organizational cultural values and visions are reinforced through 360 degree feedback. Employees will also have an increased familiarity with the implications of cultural or strategic change. And when the system is integrated into these visions and values, individual feedback will become more valid for use. Along with the individuals within organization, the organization itself will also have a better understanding of the behaviors required for future effectiveness through the process. Use of the three lenses

Cognitive heuristics


Availability is that a decision maker tends to rely upon knowledge that is readily available rather than look into other alternatives or procedures (Redelmeier 2005). According to this heuristic, employees response to 360-feedback may be negatively influenced. For that they are inclined to retrieve information that is most readily available instead of most suitable. There are situations in which people assess the the probability of an event by the ease which instances or occurrences can be brought to mind and such heuristics may be beneficial, for they are cognitively economical and efficient. But when it comes to comprehensive decisions or evaluations through 360-feedback, rates need to recognize when availability needs to be over-ridden.


People often face the probabilistic questions like the probability that an event A belongs to...
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