Human Placentophagia

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Human placentophagia- The good, the bad, the ugly 1

Human placentophagia
The good, the bad, the ugly

Child Psychology; PSY 2301-1730

Human placentophagia- The good, the bad, the ugly 2
Human placentophagia is the scientific term used to describe the practice of eating one’s own placenta it is well-known among non-human mammals but not among humans. Yes (I know) for those of you that know what exactly is the placenta I am sure you are well…grossed out however, let’s take a look at this widespread phenomenon which promises benefits of all types from an increase of milk production to repelling post-partum depression/baby blues.

Since its first description in detail by the Italian surgeon Hieronymus Fabricius on1604 in the publication of De formato foetu (On the Formation of the Fetus), the human placenta has been medically recognized as a vital organ between a mother and baby. The placenta is a protecting organ for the fetus for numerous reasons - a site of exchanges of respiratory gases, nutrients and wastes between the fetal and maternal systems. In addition, the placenta also has important metabolic and endocrine functions, which are required for maintaining pregnancy while at the same time supporting normal fetal growth and development. It has become clear through extensive scientific research that any impaired placental growth and functions such as alcohol, radiation, and chemical substances could lead to severe pregnancy complications, potentially increasing fetal mortality and morbidity. To date, after extensive and systemic research over the last four centuries, our understanding of the human placenta has significantly improved.

I, being a young mother at the age of 15 thought that the placenta was essentially what the amniotic sack is; I thought the placenta surrounded the baby. Nope! It is just latched on to the uterine wall somewhere like a...

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