Human Effects on Pollution

Topics: Air pollution, Pollution, Cigarette Pages: 2 (613 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Human Effects on Air Pollution
Did you know that the average person inhales up to 20,000 liters of air every single day? Well a larger percentage of that is filled with dust and chemical particles that are harmful to us humans. 154.5 million people in the US, which is about half of the population, live in areas in which it is dangerous to breathe because of the smog and other chemical particles that are floating around in the air. We now live in a world where breathing, something we need in order to survive, can actually end up causing health problems or even death in some cases. According to the American Cancer Society, 15% of lung cancer cases are linked to air pollution and around 3 million people die because of it. Humans’ activities are the major contribution to air pollution. The Earth is capable of cleaning itself of a certain level of pollution, but man-made pollutant have become too numerous for the Earth’s natural mechanisms to remove (Causes of Air Pollution). We are not only harming the environment, but also ourselves. What is our future going to look like? We are going to be breathing contaminated air. Everyone is going to end up having breathing problems, all because we did not take care of our air. 33% of people in China live in such polluted cities, that the air they breathe is equivalent to smoking two packets of cigarettes every day (18 Facts of Global Air Pollution). One of the contributors is car emissions. They are responsible for around 50 to 90 percent of pollution. Whenever you get in your car and drive somewhere, chemicals are emitted into the air. Combustion emissions cause approximately 13,000 premature deaths every single year. That isn’t the only cause of air pollution. Aerosols contribute about 30% to air pollution. Some examples would be cleaning products and hair sprays, things in that nature. Just attempting to fix your hair with sprays can have a major effect on air pollution. The Air Resources Board announced that over the...

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