Topics: Pollution, Air pollution, Global warming Pages: 2 (858 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Air pollution has been around on earth for a long time. Most of the air pollution that is on the earth is made by humans everyday, but it is not just our fault either. Some of the air pollution is made naturally. Air pollution is caused by to much of gases, very fine particles, and some liquids. As easily as it is to make the pollution, it is hard staying away from the harmful effects of it and also to quit polluting the air.     Air pollution is caused by many of the things that we depend on for everyday life. Cars, industrial plants, power plants, even stoves are just some of the things that cause pollution. Volcanoes, wild fires and methane that is released through the digestive system of animals helps pollute the air. Road dust, some fertilizers, and lead are some of the main things that causes air pollution. The U.S. alone releases a quarter of the world’s carbon dioxide. The things that are polluting the air is also the main causes of global warming.     Air pollution has many affects on the Earth and everything that lives on it. People that live in large cities are around a lot more air pollution than someone living in the country. There are about two million premature deaths around the world each year that is caused from air pollution. Of the two million premature deaths in the world, about 70,000 of the premature deaths are in the U.S. each year.     The pollution in the air is also going into the ground and growing with the plants that provide air and food to us each day. The chemicals in the air is going into the plants and mutating some of the cells in the plants which makes them unsafe to eat. Acid rain also kills the leaves and plants depends on mostly water. Sometimes it take time to tell if a plant is damaged by the pollution in the air because it turns yellow at first. Most people would think that the plant is just dying from something else besides pollution. Other times the plant will die in less than a week.     The pollution in the air also...
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