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Topics: Communication, Social relation, Nonverbal communication, Sociology, Media studies / Pages: 9 (1016 words) / Published: Nov 18th, 2014
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Intrapsychic Process

An individual simply reflects on the strengths and weaknesses of a relationship and begins to consider the possibility of ending it.

Grave Dressing

Involves creating the story of why a relationship died and erecting a metaphorical tombstone that summarizes its main points from birth to death.

Ressurection Process

Deals with the ways people prepare themselves for new relationships after ending an old one.

Social Process

The person tells other people in his or her network about the relationship problem, seeking either their help to keep their relationship together or their support for his or her version of why it has come apart.

Seriel Construction of Meaning

Deals with how two individuals come to understand and appreciate one another through talk, which reveals their shared experiences and leads to a larger understanding that they use the same frameworks/worlds of meaning.

Direct Talk

Something people do in a special way, on special occasions and with very special care.

Indirect Talk

Eg. Flirtation - indirect form of relationship question. It can be taken as either a simple statement of fact, a friendly joke, or something more sexually or relationally loaded.

First Filter

Filter in the Relationship Filtering Model:

Second Filter

Filter in the Relationship Filtering Model:
Behavior and Nonverbal Communication

Third Filter

Filter in the Relationship Filtering Model:

Fourth Filter

Filter in the Relationship Filtering Model:
Psychological Similarity

Secondary Groups

Those groups that represent casual and more distant social relationships, such as people you meet for discussion section but not for other purpose or at other times.


Everyone relies on everyone else to do their part of the job well, and the team cannot function properly if its members do not work interdependently. Cohesiveness

the strength of members' desires to remain on the team and

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