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Intrapsychic Process

An individual simply reflects on the strengths
and weaknesses of a relationship and begins to
consider the possibility of ending it.

Grave Dressing

Involves creating the story of why a
relationship died and erecting a metaphorical
tombstone that summarizes its main points
from birth to death.

Ressurection Process

Deals with the ways people prepare themselves
for new relationships after ending an old one.

Social Process

The person tells other people in his or her
network about the relationship problem,
seeking either their help to keep their
relationship together or their support for his or
her version of why it has come apart.

Seriel Construction of Meaning

Deals with how two individuals come to
understand and appreciate one another through
talk, which reveals their shared experiences and
leads to a larger understanding that they use the
same frameworks/worlds of meaning.

Direct Talk

Something people do in a special way, on
special occasions and with very special care.

Indirect Talk

Eg. Flirtation - indirect form of relationship
question. It can be taken as either a simple
statement of fact, a friendly joke, or something
more sexually or relationally loaded.

First Filter

Filter in the Relationship Filtering Model:

Second Filter

Filter in the Relationship Filtering Model:
Behavior and Nonverbal Communication

Third Filter

Filter in the Relationship Filtering Model:

Fourth Filter

Filter in the Relationship Filtering Model:
Psychological Similarity

Secondary Groups

Those groups that represent casual and more
distant social relationships, such as people you
meet for discussion section but not for other
purpose or at other times.


Everyone relies on everyone else to do their
part of the job well, and the team cannot
function properly if its members do not work


the strength of members' desires to remain on
the team and theri commitment to it.

Formal Group

Type of Group: task oriented, general
management oversight, outcome focused, often
legislative or formally structured to run an

Advisory Group

Type of Group: task specific, usually
evidentiary or evaluative, with the intention of
producing an outcome that is focused "best
solution" to a specific problem or arrangement
of an event.

Creative Group

Type of Group: Evaluation of concepts or
creation of new products or approaches to
complex problems.

Support Group

Type of Group: advising, comforting, sharing
knowledge, spreading information, and raising
consciousness about specific issues.

Networking Group

Type of Group: obtaining, building, or
sustaining relaionships, usually online.

Group Norms

Involve established status relationships, values,
and sanctions: that is, rules and procedures
occuring in a group but not necessarily outside
it are enforced by the use of power or rules for

Group Culture

Another form of expectation set that affects
groups, can take many forms and may be
evident in how members talk ot one another, the
clothes they wear while working as a group, or
the special terms and language or jokes they

Promotive Commuication

Communication that works toward moving the
agenda along and keeping people on track.

Disruptive Communication

Communication that diverts a group from its
goals and takes it down side alleys.

Counteractive Communication

Communication that gets the group back on
tract by reminding its members, for example, of
its purpose.


any number of entities (members) considered as
a unit.


set up on the principle of collectivism or
ownership and production by the workers
involved usually under the supervision of a


a public facility to meet for open discussion...
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