Human and Microorganisms Essay

Topics: Bacteria, Microorganism, Microbiology Pages: 3 (859 words) Published: April 27, 2012
Humans and Microorganisms

Humans will always use microbes. They occur in everyday life, everyday without fail. We use them for little things like inside to food production. However they are the root of some very unpleasant conditions like cholera and tuberculosis.

To begin with, nearly every human being with consume food that has been produced using microbes or its self is a microorganism. Mushrooms are a good example of this as they are fungi which are eaten across the globe. You do need to be careful when eating these though as some mushrooms cant be eaten without causing damage to your health.

Another use of fungi is to make mycoprotein which is becoming bigger and bigger in the food market. The most famous make of it is called Quorn. It has become so big as theoretically it is better for you than meat. It has more protein per gram the most meat and has much less saturated fat. This is more relevant this day and age because people are becoming more concerned with their health as it has be highlighted as very important, more so than it used to be as more and more people are suffering from heart diseases as a result of fatty deposits building up.

Staying on the topic of food, the process of fermentation requires the use of bacteria which is a microbe. A big example of this is the production of bread which uses yeast to make the bread rise. This works as it is aerobic respiration so gives off carbon dioxide, making the bread rise. Another use of yeast is in anaerobic respiration which can ferment to create ethanol. This is then distilled through a process and creates alcohol which is one of the top grossing markets in the whole world. On a cellular level, fermentation is a way of obtaining energy without using oxygen. Fermentation involves the breaking down of complex organic substances into simpler ones. Food like cheese, pickles, olives, sausages, chocolate, bread, wine, beer and soy sauce are all made with the help of different types of bacteria...
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