Topics: Bacteria, Virus, Organism Pages: 4 (740 words) Published: May 29, 2013

1.1 Identify the differences between bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.


Bacteria are extremely small singular organisms which are found almost everywhere and also can spread immediately. some bacteria can be dangerous depending where it is in your body or in the environment and what bacteria it is from the person or an animal being contact with.


The viruses is a coated genetic material that invades cells and use’s the cells apparatus for reproduction. viruses can damage you or service users if you get a viruses from a person or an animal being in contact with them


Fungi is a multi-celled living organism which can spread in your body and can be also be dangerous if you or animals get fungi and spread it worldwide by getting to close by them.fungi can be dangerous for who ever you become contact with.


A parasite is any organism that benefits from its interaction with another organism while the other organism is harmed. Fungi, bacteria and viruses as well as higher organisms such as mites and worms can be referred to as parasites as long as they fit this criteria.


Identify common illness and infections caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.


Bacteria if you become aware of strep throat and ring worm you would need to contact your local GP imediately before it spreads and gets worse than it is and not keep to close so they do not get it themselves.


Virus can become in to a flu and get worse and possibity cause death from catching the flu virus if it is not treated with the correct medication.


Fungi can cause yellow nails you would need to contact the GP to get treatment for the fungi before it spreads and to complete the course before contacting any other person as you could spread it to them


Parasite you can get tape worm and ring worm you would find it on your body and faeces if you find it you would need to...
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