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Subject: England bargain shopping

Hello Fellow PTO members,
I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know that, while on a recent vacation to England, my family and I came across a new book called Secret Shopping for the American Tourist (Copyright © 2010, Friends Publications), which included many coupons and ideas on how to travel through England. The book not only explained how to change the American $ to the English £, but it also listed a famous Web site that I wanted to share with all of you ( where you can find many bargains and, best of all, the shipping is free. By consulting our book, we discovered a huge shopping outlet. The outlet was filled with an ∞ of stores. My son had a great time shopping in the Nike® outlet and my daughter found many great bargains in the GAP® outlet. She found a lot of clothing not available in the states and we noticed the quality to be ≥ the clothing found at home for 50% of the price. Although the weather was quite rainy , as it always is in England, we had a wonderful vacation . The biggest disappointment was that when we returned home, only ¾ of our luggage came home with us and the other ¼ was sent to us the next day. P.S. If any of you are planning a trip to England and would like to purchase a copy of the book prior to your vacation, you can mail a check in the amount of $10.95 to: The England Bookmakers

℅ Old London Square
10 Prince Charles Blvd.
Buckinghamshire, England
See you all at our next meeting.
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