HSC past year2010-Diary

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Past year 2010
Question 1 (h)

12 August 2012
Today is the 100th days after I left my hometown. Even after months, I am still alone living here and repeat the same routine again and again. I couldn’t make myself here as my home. Every day I pretend I am happy to be here, the city where people amaze to come here. I miss my hometown, I miss my family, and I miss me who can make herself connect to the people in Australia, my hometown. This is a beautiful country where romance lingers in the air. I love this place. But, I just couldn’t connect to the people here. I am just “used to standing out as a foreign” in the community. “Even before I have open my mouth”, they will communicate with me in English and stare at me with the sight that telling me I am not their people. Until now, I could not find a friends who I can share my secret, gossip even have meals together. I am lost. I am asking to myself: should I change “my walk? My clothes? My hair?” Will I be able to mix in the circle if I changed? France is not where I belong. I am trap in this cage as I could not connected to the people here neither with the people I used to mix with because I am apart from them. However, now the only person who can rescue me is only I. I must struggle on my own life and work hard in this period of time as the time does not wait for us only we ourselves can find our own way to rescue from this big cage. As Charles F. Kettering said: "You can't have a better tomorrow if you are thinking about yesterday all the time.” I must keep on moving until the day I find a way out. I should not give up my life when I meet obstacles but fight with it and overcome it until I become successful. Good night parents and the people I am missing.

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