HSC 3045 2.1

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HSC 3045,
Proactive strategies are already in place to deal with behavioural problems, the children should know what is expected, like as reasons with the children to behave as expected could be that they simply ‘know’ what is expected of them or they ‘know’ the consequences for not behaving appropriately. Also, do Praise is the best way of promoting a proactive behaviour management, We need to give lots of praise for positive behaviour and make clean/explain for inappropriate behaviour.
For the best way to let children know what you expect of them is to remind them every day, tell them the rules of the setting, discuss choices with them and don’t forget to praise them when they are behaving appropriately.
And the reactive strategies are how you deal with an incidence of inappropriate behaviour at the time it happened. We respond to the child’s choice and explain what is wrong and if a child makes an inappropriate choice or continue this behaviour we must to redirect their behaviour.
It important to explain the children what we are expected them and individuals so they can make choice of themselves. For examples, our nursery have a day out trip to somewhere, there is individuals children who willing to behave different, such as walk/run off without a adult or touching the things which they are not allow to, so we have ground rules to explain simply before we arrive the venue. E.g. ‘You are not allow to run off, you must hold adult hand but if you want to see something, you MUST ask adult first.’ Etc.
Also, At our setting, we have a ‘naughty blue chair’ if a child behaviour inappropriate or ignore our warning so they have to sit on blue chair for least 2minutes and after they done, we explain why/what did they do wrong and apology from child. For the great behaviour or work hard, we have hand stamp/stickers to praise and explain why/what are they for and make clean they are understand what we are expected from them before the play/activity start.

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