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The company was incorporated on May 13, 1964 as a private limited company, with the objectives as set out in the Memorandum of Association in general and in particular to set up an industrial undertaking for manufacture of juices, squashes, sharbats, jams, pickles and preserves from fruits and vegetables. The company uses the trademark and brand name "Shezan with the permission given to them by Shezan Services Private Ltd., who is actually the owner of this brand name and paid royalty in using this name. Shezan International Ltd. was conceived as a joint venture by the Shahnawaz Group of Pakistan and Alliance Industrial Development Corporation of USA in 1964. The agricultural background of the Pakistani sponsors induced them to establish this agro based industry. Taking advantage of abundance of fruit available in Pakistan, and the advanced technology provided by the American partners, Shezan came a pioneer in the field of converting fruits into pulps, concentrate and juices today Shezan is the largest food processing unit having developed and installed the capacity to meet the country's and export needs.

In 1971 the Shah Nawaz Group purchased all the shares of Alliance Industrial Development Corporation with the permission of the Pakistan Government. The company has since shown sustained growth in both the domestic and export fields. The company has been steadily expanding its production capacity over the years. In 1980-81 a separate unit was installed in Karachi which now caters for Karachi, Sind and export demand. A new bottle filling plant was set up in 1983 in Lahore, increasing the capacity five fold. An independent Tetra Brik plant was commissioned in 1987 making Shezan the leading manufacturers with comprehensive range increasing continuously, the company's management decided to set up a new public limited company and so in 1991 a wholly owned subsidiary of Shezan International Ltd. was established with the name of Hattar Fruit Products Ltd. This Companies engaged in the manufacture and sale of juices beverages, pickles, preserves and flavorings based upon or derived from fruits and vegetables.

Shah Nawaz Group Comprises of;
-Shah Nawaz Ltd.
-Shah Taj Sugar Mills Ltd.
-Orient Ltd.
-Khalid Hai (Pvt) Ltd.
-Alson Service (Pvt) Ltd.
-Shezan International
-Shahtaj Textile Mills
-Hattar Fruit Products
-Guardian Mudarba Management (Pvt) Ltd.
Objectives are the guidelines which direct toward the chosen destiny. The objectives of the Shezan International Ltd are as under: 1.To provide the quality fruit juices to the target market. 2.To provide the quality fruit and vegetables food products. 3.To become a leader in the beverage industry.

4.To invest in the Established projects and new projects.
In order to fulfill these objectives the complementary objectives are: a)To attain the independence in the production of all products. b)To undertake both forward and backward vertical integration in all kind of activities i.e. production, marketing, procurement. c)To make the use of and take the benefit of the modern technology in the related areas. d)To manage the operation in efficient manners.

"The largest processor of fruit and vegetable products in Pakistan".
Shezan mission statement motivates management and channel members to be the leader in market and produce goods at large scale.


Formally defined a Company structure is the system of communication and authority that links people and groups together to accomplish tasks that serve the organizational purpose.
Structure can be described in the form of an organization chart. Shezan's organizational chart shows that it has functional structure. Functional Structure
In functional structure people with similar skills and performing closely related activities are placed together in...
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