Ramay Ni Hesus

Topics: Rosary, Blessed Virgin Mary, Meditation Pages: 2 (466 words) Published: September 12, 2010
There are tranquil walkways and lush gardens for meditations, a magnificent array of life-size images of saints, rustling waterfalls and murmuring brooklets, and hills too. Angel’s Hill, Rosary Hill and Ascension Hill which at 292 steps above the ground is the world’s third highest grotto. Here you can pray, say the rosary or just reflect, or you can share in the holly masses at the chapels, or at the Healing Church. Impressive Retreat Center, Hall Infirmary with well appointed rooms are specially designed for visitors. Also there are souvenir shops selling religious articles and pasalubong. And for gastromic delight, there is Grotto’s Restaurant. Kamay Ni Hesus launches in the year 2010 another biblically inspired structure inside the 5-hectare property, along the designated Prophets Hill adjacent to the Garden of Eden, fronting the sea of Galilee. It will be called Noah’s Ark, measuring 9 meters in height, 48 meters in length and 9 meters in width, a unique retreat center ecologically protected with trees alongside and an experience of the cool breeze of the mountain air for would-be retreatants and guests in this 50-person capacity ark house. Indeed, Kamay Ni Hesus is always throbbing with life, spiritual and otherwise, which makes it a perfect place to visit. To simply relax, to worship, to be healed and rejuvenated, to meditate or commune with nature and with our Lord. You can’t just drop by. Stay awhile. And be nourished in body, mind, and soul. Kamay Ni Hesus is an idyllic place of prayer and pilgrimage for thousands of faithful who flock to its pristine grounds to participate in the Holy Masses, pray the Holy Rosary and attend the healing masses to nourish the body, mind and soul. For some, it is a spiritual oasis where they can meditate and reflect amidst its serene surroundings and commune with nature and creator. For others, it is a hollowed place to give glory to God and honor to the Blessed Virgin...
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