HR Case Study - Flight Reservation System

Topics: Skill, Problem solving, Critical thinking Pages: 4 (1129 words) Published: October 14, 2014
Selection Tool for Flight Reservation Clerk recruitment
The job description involved in this assignment could easily bring to mind several valid skills or abilities that would be applicable to this position. Computer skills, interpersonal/communication skills, and product knowledge would all be essential and were options for us. After consideration, however we chose problem solving / analysis skills as being the most essential and important. Someone applying for this type position would likely possess the necessary computer skills. Choosing communication skills would be worthwhile as it is essential to this job but it would not go to the core of what is most inherent in the duties of this position. Product knowledge would be helpful but realistically, any new employee would require training specific to the software utilized. It clearly stood out that having the ability to analyze the customer’s needs and to find the best solutions for those needs in the job’s complicated universe was the essential and key ingredient in being successful in this position. The tool we believe is best suited to evaluate a candidate’s problem solving /analysis skills, is the structured interview. On the surface this might not seem like the most logical tool for judging this skill as tools like Work Samples or Situational Judgment Tests might first come to mind. However we feel Work Skills seemed better suited to evaluating mechanical type job skills and might not be as valid a tool for problem solving /analysis skills. Also, evaluating someone’s behavior through a multiple choice answer in a Situational Judgment Test might not truly evaluate their ability to analyze and it certainly might not be indicative of someone’s performance in the real world in real situations. Overall, we felt the structured interview, if properly developed and executed, could better evaluate the chosen skill and it would also have some additional benefits. For one,...
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