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Dell’s benefit programs are key to Dell’s Winning Culture and Rewards Strategy. Dell’s benefit plans are designed to maintain and enhance employee productivity and further Dell’s operational goals by assisting employees as they plan for major life events, such as illness, disability, retirement and death. Dell ties benefit program design and costs to market median; however, "Employee Perceived Value" may be above market. Benefits are appropriate rather than cash compensation when: Required from a legislative or competitive standpoint; More efficient from a tax and risk standpoint to maximize the economic value of the employee's total compensation; Leveraged buying offers a significant advantage to employees. Taking Time For Yourself - Home

Holiday List (DIS)
Extended Maternity Leave
Maternity Leave on Adoption
Paternity Leave
Revised Leave Policy - DIS

Employee Benefits Program

Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy (DIS)
Hospitalization Insurance plan - Employee (DIS)
Hospitalization Insurance plan - Parents (DIS)
Group Term Life Insurance Policy (DIS)
Car Lease Program (DIS)
House Security Deposit (DIS)
House Rental Brokerage (DIS)
Company Leased Accommodation (DIS)
Hospitalization Insurance policy - FAQs (DIS)
Domestic Relocation Policy

Revised Leave Policy - effective 1 November 2008

This document presents “Dell’s” (Dell International Services India Pvt. Ltd., ICC & Dell India Private Limited) leave policy applicable for all entities in India. Dell believes that leave is an instrument of work-life balance and the policy has been designed to encourage employees to take time off from work to attend to their personal needs. Eligibility:

All permanent employees who are confirmed and on probation of Dell International Services India Pvt. Ltd, ICC and Dell India Pvt. Ltd in India come under the purview of this policy. Policy Summary:

Dell provides a total of 30 leaves in a year
Leave year is described as April 1st to March 31st
Leaves are categorized into Earned leave, Casual leave & Sick Leave •Leaves would be credited twice a year i.e on April 1st and October 1st every year. Any employee joining in between the leave year would be credited prorated as per the details applicable below Types of Leave & Description:

Dell India provides the following types of leave to its employees. Effective date of the policy is November 1, 2008. Earned Leave:

All confirmed employees and employees on probation are eligible for 15 days of earned leave per annum. This leave will be credited in advance on 01st April (7 days) and 01st October (8 days) every year.

Employees joining after 01st April will be eligible for Earned Leave on pro-rata basis @ 1.17 day leave for every month for the period April to September and 1.33 days leave per month for the period October to March.

Unavailed Earned Leave can be carried forward and accumulated up to a maximum of 30 days.

Earned leave balance can be encashed only during separation of an employee from a Dell India entity. Encashment amount would be based on the no. of earned leaves available for encashment and employee’s base salary. Number of days for encashment restricted to 30 days.

Together with the annual earned leave of 15 days, at no point of time an employee can have more than 45 days of annual leave in the system. But any Earned leave accumulated beyond 30 days will lapse on March 31st. Casual Leave:

Casual Leave can be availed for emergent and unforeseen situations, subject to the approval of the manager

Casual Leave can be availed up to two days at a time

Casual Leave availed in excess of 2 days will be treated as Earned Leave from the third day onwards. If the employee provides a medical certificate the leave from the third day will be treated as sick leave

All confirmed employees and employees who are on probation are eligible for 7 days of Casual Leave per annum. This leave...
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