how i met your mother

Topics: How I Met Your Mother, Barney Stinson, Marshall Eriksen Pages: 3 (988 words) Published: February 25, 2014
My favourite sitcom is “How I met your mother “ . It is an American show which was first premiered on CBS in 2005 , the story revolves around the protagonist of the show Ted Mosby and his group of friends . In the year 2030 , Ted recites to his children the events which led him to meeting their mother(Milioti) and hence the name of the show is quite apt . Ted Mosby is an architect in New York City , the narrative deals with his best friends , including the news anchor Robin Scherbatsky , the eccentric, womaniser Barney Stinson and the couple Marshell Eriksen and Lily Aldrin . The series explores many storylines including a love triangle between Ted, Robin and Barney, a change in their careers .The show has nine seasons , the last one is to be aired in March 2014 This show was created by Craig Thomas and Carter Boys .The show belongs to the romantic comedy genre and is famous for its unique structure and eccentric humour , the show has received positive reviews throughout most of its run and managed to grab the attention of the audience. Josh Radnor as Ted Mosby an architecture teacher is the central charcter of the series who is on a quest for happiness and his “ the one” , the woman he will marry. Ted is the most mature of the group and he goes to great lengths to profess his love to the woman in his lifr, but they all fade away after a while . He does eventually meet the loveof his life who is first seen in the finale of season 8 . Marshall Eriksen is Ted’s best friend , who is married to Lily , with whom he has been in love since his freshman year of college and serves as an inspiration for Ted to find his true love . Robins is a new anchor and Ted’s ex girlfriend , she has emigrated from Canada to take a job in New York where she meets Ted and his friends . The character of Barney Stinson is one of my favourite , he could be actually be called as the life of the show ,the phrases used by him such as “legendary” , “suit up “...
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