How I Learn Best

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Esthela Ruvalcaba


Mr. Olden
English B50
26 January 2013
How I learn best
Learning is to gain knowledge, comprehension or mastery through experience or study.
Everyone has their own unique ways of learning. Some people learn by observations, and personal experience. In my case, I learn best when I watch others make mistakes because it lets me see first hand the consequences of their mistake. For this reason making mistakes, taking risk, and watching others personal experience is how I learn best.
I have made several mistakes which have taught me some lessons, however, being witness to family members making serious mistakes has impacted my life. For example, one of my older brothers made the mistake of hanging out with the wrong crowed who influenced him to take the wrong path.
He made the poor choice of doing drugs which resulted in his incarceration and drug addiction. Now, he is better however, it was a long road in recovery. He currently struggles on a daily basis and his struggles have taught me to stay away from drugs and the wrong crowd.
When people take risks there are several different outcomes that result from these types of choices. For instance, I lived in Porterville all of my life and had several childhood friends that I shared most of my life with. However, I decided to take the risk of moving to Bakersfield to pursue my education at Bakersfield College. This choice was a huge risk because I left my job, my friends, my mother, and my boyfriend. In addition, I left my comfort zone and that was one of the hardest decision
I ever had to make because I am young and have never been away from home and financially responsible. Fortunately for me this choice was in favor because I was able to actually full fill my obligations as a full time student. Now, many of my friends that stayed in Porterville are not in school

Ruvalcaba,1 furthering their education.
Watching other people's mistakes have impacted my life in

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