How Would You Use the Ethnicity and Race of Your Students to Teach a Lesson in the Subject You Are Planning to Teach?

Topics: Education, Race and ethnicity in the United States Census, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 1 (311 words) Published: June 23, 2008
The culture of students is not the same. Students are raised in different environments. Some of them are rich; others are poor. The environment determines how students think, speak, dress, walk, etc. This leads us to know the fact that not all students are equal in terms of the way they living, speaking, intelligence, and so forth. Knowing students ethnicity, we know how they think and behave in the classroom by comparing them with their ancestors and how they were behaving in the classroom.

Ethnicity also helps teachers to analyze students and their level of competence and intellect to adjust teachers’ approaches to teaching, refine them, and even change them. Also, it is essential that teachers know the ethnicity of students to evade taking about some issues that bother or make students uncomfortable in the classroom environment. Some issues make students feel bad about them. Not only this, but some issues make students angry and generate vengeance and hatred between students.

Students’ ethnicity is also crucial in determining the curriculum, look at it carefully, analyze it, and adjust it according to the students’ needs to make the teaching-learning process integral and effective. Ethnicity and race are important to know the psychology of students and draw some expectations about students.

To evade racism, teachers should treat students equally regardless of their race and ethnicity. The school system should be built according to students’ needs as I said. The school systems are not the same. The curriculum should not be the same one that is taught all over the country because students are classified to different cultures and races; they do not belong to the same country of origin. This means that the curriculums and educators’ methods should be varied for the sake of students. One way or strategy of teaching fits some races, but it does not fit other races.
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