Cultural Lens

Topics: Disability, Poverty, Blindness Pages: 4 (1564 words) Published: November 14, 2013

Cultural Lens

People have many different thoughts and feelings on a variety of multicultures. Some of those multicultures might be poor people, persons with disabilities, rich people, homosexual women and persons in the United States who do not speak English, just to name a few. We all learn or gather how we feel about certain people differently and for certain reasons. This paper will tell you my thoughts and feelings on each multiculture and how each will or could affect a teacher and student relationship in the classroom. I feel sad for poor people because they do not get to live in a nice big house like I am able to live in. They either do not make enough money to afford a nice house or they may have a lot of debt, which does not allow them to have a nice home to live in. Some poor people are homeless. I feel sad for them too. They are very poor. Sometimes from day to day they have no idea where they are going to live or get their next meal. Some of the fortunate ones are able to get in a homeless shelter where they have a temporary roof over their heads and even get a hot shower. In a head count in June 2009, there were a total of 57,687 persons identified in the state of Florida as being homeless and that number has only risen. This breaks my heart. This number not only counts men but women and children too. Christ, Charlie & Sheldon, George H. ( 2009, June ). Homeless conditions in florida. Retrieved from What aggravates me the most is when people think of the homeless they automatically think of the “bums” walking the streets. This is not true. The homeless are also families who were down on their luck. People become homeless also because they abuse drugs and use alcohol.

Sometimes I get angry at the poor because they claim they can not make the money others do and do not try to make their needs better. They use food stamps, grants for school,...
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