How to Write Five-Paragraph Essays

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How to Write Five Paragraph Essays?

Everyone can write. We can write essays, summaries, letters, reports, reviews, etc. But can we write ‘five paragraph essays’? That name scares all students. The number of words, sophisticated language we have to apply. Those are just a few of all the features of essays. It sounds scary, doesn’t it? To make it easier I would like to write an essay on how to write such texts. The first thing to remember is to never begin an essay without a proper preparation. We cannot write anything good without spending some time and asking ourselves questions like: ‘What to write? How to write?’. Another helpful thing would be to come up with some interesting thesis. You do not want to bore your readers, do you? Last but not least thing before writing is to think about three pieces of evidence you will use to prove your thesis. Secondly, I would like to discuss the structure of a five paragraph essay. It is rather similar to the structure of common essays, but we can distinguish some different features. The first we can find in the introduction. At the beginning we present the topic and at the end we present the thesis, not in the other way. The second feature we can find is in the body of essay. Now it consists of three paragraphs, so we need three ideas. Furthermore, the paragraphs in the body must be linked to each other somehow. There shouldn’t be any arguments “out of the blue”. Lastly, it is important to remember about mistakes and problems to avoid in essays. It is sometimes so long that it lacks logic. So, we have to revise and correct the text in terms of cohesion and coherence. To do so, we cannot forget about linking words and linking phrases. Grammar is the second thing to focus on while revising our essays. It is very easy to mix things up in writing long texts, so we must be very careful. Moreover, it would be a helpful thing to do, to show our essay to a friend and listen to his or her comments. To sum up, while writing five...
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