how to transplanting a tree

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How to transplant a tree
It is important to know the main steps for transplanting a three before even trying to touch it. Trees areas delicate as little plants are so, it is necessary to follow the four basic steps very carefully trying not tomake any mistake which could possibly hurt the tree. First, previous than making contact with the tree, you have to make sure you got all the indispensabletools needed to transplant a tree. One of them could be a measure tool to identify the height andthickness. Also, tools like shovels and barrows to carry the soil and covering devices to protect the rootsand branches while the tree is on movement. After every required tool is obtained, as a second step the interactions with the tree can be started.Measures of the tree must be taken. They will provide you the necessary information at the moment of looking for a transporting vehicle. Next, barrows and shovels will be required in order to drill the soularound the tree. This will avoid stocks while taking the tree out of the ground. Even though the tree is still on the ground, it must be hold tight into something heavy or strong, so it won’t fall down and hurt somebody. At this moment it will be allowed to begin digging the new hole in which the incoming tree isgoing to be planted (make sure this area has sunlight access). Remember the new hole has to be thesame size as the older one, taking into account the size of the roots. Thirdly, comes the most difficult part of the procedure: transporting the tree. It might be necessary tocarry it by large machines, depending on the size of the tree, but if it is a 2 meter tree or less it can behandled by human beings. In this part you have to apply all the possible precautions avoiding any injureto the tree like breaking a root or a branch. Also, the tree will be out of its living place which implies thatit could die if the transportation takes a long time.
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